Bill West
Bill West

A British painter, graphic artist, draftsman, commercial artist and educator, Bill West was born in Moorlinch, Somerset, England. He has had a home in Casablanca, Morocco since 1982. He has divided his time between Morocco and England since 1996. He was a design contributor for the covers of the Pink Floyd album Animals and the Duffy Power album Power House. (1)

West’s mediums include oils, gouache*, pencil, mixed mediums, collage*, posters, and serigraphs*. His subjects include figures, nudes, still life, flowers, landscapes, buildings, social commentary and pure abstraction – color, shape, texture and line. His styles include Expressionism*, Fauvism*, Geometric Abstraction*, Lettrism*, Modernism*, Primitivism*, and Synthetic Cubism*.

He studied at the Walthamstow Art School, London (1962 – 1966), under William Green; and the Royal College of Art, Kensington, London (1966 – 1969).

From 1969 to 1971, he was a visiting lecturer at various schools such as the School of Architecture, Headington, Oxford; Hull School of Art & Design, Yorkshire; Croydon School of Art, London; and the Manchester School of Art, Lancashire.

West is an accomplished sailor. His voyages from 1971 to 1982 (years when he “Stopped painting”) included sailing from Deauville, France to Belem, Brazil on the sloop The Bill; followed by a 2000 mile trip up the Amazon on a Dutch tramp steamer. He has also sailed to Greenland twice. The first time was to its east coast single-handed on the ketch Erik the Red; the second was to its west coast with a crew of two; however, the boat was lost 600 miles off the coast of Labrador. He was rescued by the Canadian Coast Guard.